Jack and Emma Vanden Berg Vision Into Action (VITA) Scholarship

Funded by the Jack & Emma Vanden Berg trust, this scholarship is set up to help students pursue creative service. Applicants must be full time students with a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average. Preference may be given to community development majors or minors. This scholarship may be renewed provided that the recipient maintains a minimum 2.50 cumulative Dordt University grade point average, stays in good behavioral standing and completes an application that provides documentation that shows his/her continued involvement in service activities.

Supplemental Questions
  1. "Creative service" is a vague term, but could be defined more closely as activity that exhibits some cluster of the following characteristics: 1. Clearly focuses on meeting the needs of parts of God's world (individuals, groups, species or ecosystems) that are experiencing significant pain and suffering or brokenness. 2. Demonstrates insight into the deeper nature of the problem being addressed. 3. Makes effective use of resources to address the issue at hand. 4. Shows a willingness to be countercultural in a meaningful way. 5. Is creative in the sense of developing a new structure, system, or program that helps build the kingdom of God. Please submit an essay of approximately 1000 words (max of 1500) describing activity that you have initiated or engaged in that exhibits the above criteria. Please also describe how this activity is defined within your identity as a servant in Christ's kingdom. If you prefer to upload a document, please do so below.
  2. Essay Upload: