Vocal Music Scholarship

Music scholarships are available for students who have contributed significantly to their high school or community music program and intend to actively participate in one or more of the following Dordt music areas: vocal, instrumental or keyboard. Applicants need not be music majors; however, they must submit an application form and a music instructor’s recommendation. Vocal audition requirements are as follows:

  • Applicant must sing two short solos that demonstrate both the singer’s technical and lyrical abilities, one of which may be a hymn.
  • Art songs and arias may be sung in the original language or in English. No pop, gospel, contemporary Christian, or country.
  • Solos may be accompanied by piano or unaccompanied. Recordings should have a careful balance of soloist and accompaniment and should be of such quality as to allow for an accurate evaluation of the performance.
  • Do not add reverberation or other effects.
  • No pre-recorded accompaniment allowed.

The audition can be accomplished in one of three ways: attending the annual on-campus Music Audition Day, scheduled on the first Friday in December, to audition in person (contact the Admissions Office for details); scheduling an appointment with the Admissions Office to audition in person on a Dordt Campus Visit Day; or submitting a recorded audition video. The selected option must be completed by December 1 for priority consideration. Music scholarships are renewable for an additional three consecutive years provided the recipient maintains a cumulative 2.00 GPA and successfully contributes to the music program as determined by the music department directors.