Multicultural Leadership Program Scholarship

The Multicultural Leadership Program (MLP) is designed to further develop and disciple kingdom citizens who are answering the demands of the cultural mandate and the Great Commission. Our goal is to cultivate healthy leaders who walk with Jesus, practice self-awareness, can relate to different people groups, work with excellence, and whose leadership will result in a harvest of transformative kingdom impact in the world.

Multicultural Leadership Program students serve our campus by helping us respond to our nation’s demographic shift of ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the students we serve, while remaining doctrinally sound. All MLP participants will be put in a cohort, which offers participants community, support, contextual personal and spiritual formation along with leadership skills to cultivate a firm foundation in their time at Dordt.

Participation in the MLP requires students to commit to the following:
1 . Attend all mandatory orientations, retreats, and weekly meetings.
2. Attend two or more (per semester) multicultural campus events such as the Cultural fair, various club sponsored events, and participating in the events put on by the Multicultural Leadership Program.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit an essay of approximately 300 words on the following questions:

    1. Why does diversity matter and what role does it play in the Christian higher education system?
    2. Tell us how you would work to create an inclusive campus environment where all people are empowered to a sense of belonging.